Frequently Asked Questions


Do I really need routine service of my boiler if I am not having any issues?

Boiler: Regularly servicing your boiler ensures safety and efficiency. Routine service and inspections can identify leaking or cracked boilers that can leak harmful carbon monoxide into your home. When it comes to household appliances, your homes’ boiler can be one of the most exspesive to replace, AND THE MOST DISRUPTIVE! Proper servicing can save you thousands in repair costs and frustration .


Do I really need routine service of my furnace if I am not having any issues?

A routine check of your furnace will review several important things.

1. Air Flow: Ventilation is important not only to the flow of heat throughout your home but also to the lifespan of your heating system. The increase strain on a weakened ventilation system can take years off the life of your heating unit and lead to failure.

2. Safety: Heating systems work off of combustion. The combustion process is extremely safe and efficient if properly maintained, however if left unchecked a leak in your furnace can lead to harmful carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

3. Reduce Repairs: Southern NH Energy technicians will be able to identify and repair small damages and prevent them from becoming large and costly. In addition, routine cleaning will ensure a long life for your system.

4. Energy Efficiency: A clean heating system will burn more efficiently as well as provide even distribution of heat through your home.